How to choose a chainsaw?

Every property owner understands the importance of having an efficient chainsaw when maintaining a yard. Trees and shrubs need occasional trimming to keep a well-defined shape whether for aesthetic reasons or to prevent contact with electrical wires. Before purchasing such a device, it's crucial to know how to choose the right chainsaw.

Opting for a Cordless Chainsaw

When buying a chainsaw, various options are available, but a battery-powered cordless model is worth considering. This model is particularly user-friendly, mainly due to the lack of an extension cord, resulting in less mess and a more straightforward job. Moreover, it's easy to start and provides adequate power for all types of tasks involving a chainsaw. It's worth mentioning that cordless models feature brushless technology, which leads to reduced heat and enhanced power and motor longevity.

Picking a Chainsaw with a Lithium-Ion Battery

Lithium-ion batteries, with their higher charge density, can supply a significant amount of energy without making the device excessively heavy due to the battery's weight. Choosing a chainsaw with this kind of battery results in a portable, powerful, and quieter device than gas-powered models. You can complete all desired tasks while keeping noise levels low for your neighbours' comfort.

Additional Essential Features

Besides selecting a cordless model with a lithium-ion battery, other factors should be taken into account. First, look for a chain return brake, which offers better control during the device's operation and increases safety. Next, it's essential to highlight that a high-efficiency brushless motor combined with a premium Oregon guide bar allows for effortless and precise cuts on your trees and shrubs. As with any device, it's preferable to choose a low-maintenance model, another advantage of battery-operated chainsaws.

When choosing a model that meets your requirements, search for the cutting capacity and all the device's power-related factors. While frequent use may necessitate purchasing a high-performance model, it's also feasible to choose an entry-level chainsaw. Keep in mind that the battery's weight will vary based on its amperage, so using a 5.0 Ah battery or smaller is recommended to prevent adding too much weight and unbalancing your chainsaw.